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From coast to coast, we’re proud to showcase a variety of brands specializing in a range of high quality cannabis products. Browse our current portfolio & reach out if your interested in adding your name to the list.

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AHLOT stands for A Higher Level Of Thought, a statement of both effect and intent, celebrating a refined relationship with cannabis. AHLOT sees an opportunity to build a different kind of company, one that crafts beautiful cannabis experiences for people who are actively shaping the ascendance of a new culture. Visit site →


Battle River Pharmaceuticals (BRP) specializes in rooted Cannabis Clones & Ultra-premium Cannabis. Our genetics have been put through multiple tests to ensure they are some of the best genetics around. We have exclusive cuts from some of the most sought-after breeders like Thug Pug Genetics Visit site →

Blazing Saddles

Produced in western Canada, Blazing Saddles offers affordable & quality High-THC options in pre-rolls and dried flower. Using current market research, their products are cultivated with wholesome old-school traditions and principles to enhance their customers' experience.


Excellence. Knowledge. Adaptability. EXKA produces elite cannabis plantlets and value-added cannabis extracts to consistently and reliably meet its customer's needs. EXKA provides products and services to the life sciences and cannabis markets. Visit site →

Mantra Cannabis

Mantra Cannabis’s creations are premium, unique & intentionally designed to elevate and bring moments of magic into your daily life. Proudly Canadian and Intentionally inspired by the traditional eastern culture and ancient cannabis practices. Visit site →


314 Pure is a licensed producer located in Southern Alberta dedicated to small batch craft cannabis. 314 Pure has 75 unique cultivars in our cloning room at all times, allowing us to mobilize on any strain very quickly. With decades of experience growing, they’re excited to introduce the world of Poolboy. Visit site →

Token Naturals

An independent Canadian company, Token Naturals is manufacturing cannabis for companies and consumers. More than just a facility, Token is your partner for both custom and turn-key products. Visit site →


Bringing advanced formulations to the CBD market, XIT is focusing on their medical and recreational users. XIT uses premium ingredients and CBD-rich extracts to help people manage pain and persistent discomfort for muscle, joint and inflammation issues.


Our brand is Swift, and we use nano-size ultrasonicated water-soluble powders in our products including our dissolvable powders, mints, teas and gummies. Using ultrasonication technology produces nano size THC/CBD particles that can be rapidly dissolved. It starts to absorb from the mouth which you can feel immediately. Our products provide a rapid on-set peak effect and have high bioavailability with efficient absorption. Visit site →


All Good is here to elevate the cannabis market, with stoners that are taking the industry back. We wanted to cut out the heavy corporate influence to put something out for a true cannabis experience. Expect the best buds, with no shake, trim or other fillers. Visit site →


Because You Cann is a Family-Owned Licensed Micro Cultivation & Micro Processing Facility out of Alberta. Their goal has been, & continues to be, to empower women and their cannabis use, free of judgment and ending the negative stigma. Visit site →


Blunt Botanicals is owned and operated by formulators and chemists with a combined 25 years in both the skincare and cannabis industry. We are committed to providing products crafted with the highest quality ingredients to deliver products a cut above the rest. Visit site →


Great White North Growers is a privately held producer of premium pharmaceutical-grade medical and recreational cannabis. Their skilled team of legacy growers will be cultivating premium cannabis with a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. Visit site →

Mila Cannabis

Mila Supply is capable of a full spectrum of extraction and purification services. Constructing bespoke cannabis ingredients, Mila wants to connect you to high-quality, reliable suppliers. Visit site →


Prairie Grass is a family-owned and operated craft cultivation and extraction facility located in southern Alberta. Founded by fourth-generation farmers with practices rooted in medical backgrounds, they're passionate about creating cannabis products that support patients and showcase the unique properties of the plant. Visit site →


True North Cannabis is a Canadian hemp-based CBD company founded under the belief that CBD should be accessible to all the people who need it. By working from the ground up with growers to facilitate the supply of bulk, extract-ready hemp, and partnering with quality licensed processors to purify and extract cannabinoids, we are able to deliver high-quality products with exceptional value. Visit site →

Leisure Club

Lower dosed edibles so you can ease or jump in to whatever you're in the mood for. Always full-spectrum & solventless. Leisure Club is a gummies brand for adults wanting variety and options in dosing and flavours so they can enjoy worry- and hangover-free. Visit site →

Vicious Citrus

Blazing a refreshingly original path, Vicious Citrus is bringing an array of cannabis infused lemonades to the market. First up, a refreshing non-carbonated beverage with tangy citrus flavour, THC and CBN. Visit site →


ArcticPharm is the first licensed cultivator and processor of cannabis in the Yukon. Our focus is on producing premium, organic cannabis products for the wholesale and retail markets. Visit site →


Hand-crafted from scratch with love, BLAST products have been designed and formulated to deliver an exceptionally flavourful experience in every bite, while offering the added benefits of CBD, Vitamins, Terpenes and other Nutraceutical essentials. Visit site →


Hope lives at Custom Cannabis. We are a medicinal cannabis producer, empowering our patients to choose a custom life that’s true to them. We are a beacon for positivity, hope and human connections, working towards a common goal to impact lives for the better. Visit site →

Kinloch Wellness

Kinloch Wellness creates alternative plant-based products with a purpose. We provide advanced formulations with low-to-no THC, designed to help with everyday concerns such as rest, relaxation, and revitalization. Visit site →


We’re an urban cultivator that grows small-batch craft cannabis in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. We’re connoisseurs – not mass producers, and always on the hunt for the best phenotype. Our small rooms allow us to dial in the environments and processes to be strain specific – it’s the best way for our cultivars to reach their full potential. Visit site →


Rosebud Farms is a different type of company, we're not trying to compete with the big guys, we're really about using earth-ethics and sustainable techniques to create low-energy, high-yield, premium craft-market products. Visit site →

Wabi Sabi

Alberta-based Licensed Producer creating artisanal chocolates infused with premium BC cannabis. They use only premium ingredients, including luxurious Belgian chocolate. Visit site →

Parkland Flower

Parkland Flower is a craft grower of top-quality Alberta cannabis. As a micro cultivation facility, we grow both plants and seeds. We were the ninth licensed producer of Alberta Cannabis and our goal is to give home, medical, and commercial growers stable genetics (through seeds and clones) while providing high-end flower for recreational Alberta cannabis shoppers. Visit site →