We help you breathe easy.

We know there are a lot of quality cannabis Producers in Canada that lack support in representing their products appropriately in the retail market.  Coming from the world of sales and distribution, and having a passion for cannabis and cannabis products, we are the solution.

As a boutique cannabis sales agency, we help progress the Canadian cannabis industry by moving Canadian cannabis products to and throughout our local markets. 

We’re a turnkey sales team that will help your business grow so you can focus on what you do best; making quality cannabis products.

WE do it differently.

Relationships mean everything to us and we focus on building meaningful relationships with retailers and producers from across our country to find the best fit for the best cannabis products. We’re big on leading this industry with strategy and authenticity. 

We also specialise in educating our clientele on the products we represent, and we’re unique in staying committed to representing clients with NO overlap. We do not saturate our portfolio with directly competing products.   

We offer flower, accessories, concentrates, topicals, extracts, beverages, and edibles.

Why Route 1?

extensive Network

Our effective sales team has spent years cultivating valuable relationships with dispensary owners, purchasing managers, and bud-tenders all across Canada.

Our history and track record of good business has created valuable long lasting relationships with our retail clients, as well as our suppliers.

Regulation Expertise

We stay up to date on federal and provincial cannabis regulations and record-keeping requirements to provide custom consultation and help ensure compliance for your operations.

Seasoned Entrepreneurs

We are seasoned entrepreneurs offering practical experience and insider expertise on everything from concept to profits.

Active members

We’re proud to be active members of the associations in Canada that are committed to improving the cannabis industry landscape.


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